About us

LIMBUS was born at the end of 2013 by Joseph Corimaita Cuba as a result of his passion for unconventional mixology and contemporary Peruvian cooking.

The team: A group of young enterprising people that relish the challenge of serving local and foreign customers, where unique and high quality ingredients, and not the chef, are the main character. This enables the team at Limbus to create interesting dishes so that any client can enjoy a unique and genuine experience.

We endeavor to provide honest food with unique textures and tastes. Our menu is unpretentious, where the contemporary and innovative do not stray too far from the recognizable. It’s a tribute to Peru’s gastronomic tradition, taking up its multiple influences such as the Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Afro-Peruvian or Italian and placing them in the present context with creativity, technique, love and respect.